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The Wonderful World of Disney

What should our next livestream movie be? 

53 deviants said Mystery movie! Surprise us!
47 deviants said An Extremely Goofy Movie
37 deviants said Fantasia 2000
35 deviants said The Aristocats
33 deviants said Oliver and Company
30 deviants said TRON: Legacy
25 deviants said Bolt
25 deviants said Bambi
20 deviants said George of the Jungle
15 deviants said Pinocchio

Are you using your Disney rewards codes?

If not, us co-founders could really use them! We're trying to save up for something awesome, but it takes points upon points to be able to afford anything cool. :lol:

I will give you a free sketch for any movie code (US citizens only)! Just note me, Zimeta tell me your code that you're not using (can be found inside most DVDs/Blu-Rays on a sheet of paper. The code will look something like: DCK7KFXTHP9) and I'll sketch anything with one character. :heart:

Thanks a bunch!

Examples of finished work:

Three Monsters by Zimeta A Princess and some Fairies by Zimeta Artemis and Apollo by Zimeta Milo Thatch by Zimeta Sark by Zimeta A Girl and Moulin Rouge by Zimeta Puss and Humpty by Zimeta

Some Disney Stamps!

Chosen Randomly From our Group's Stamps Gallery!

Bambi stamp by AutumnDeer King of Pridelands by Pouasson-de-oro
TRON: LEGACY - Light Cycles by azianwolfdoll Cat from outer space stamp2 by queenmoreta
Love Bug Stamp by ZimetaPrince of Persia movie 7 by Tusiacroft
Andreas Deja stamp by ParsleyDenize Stitch stamp by tessary
Game Ove- wha? - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa Snow White Stamp by DragonKimono
Stamp - Disney - 3 Caballeros by Vegeta-Holic Guy Williams Zorro Stamp by boredx2
Manly Men have a Favorite Princess by Zimeta Disney Stamp by poserfan
Stamp: Disney's Hercules by Tee-J Disney Up Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion
John Carter - STAMP by TheDarkOfNight-D Epic Mickey by azianwolfdoll

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