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The Wonderful World of Disney

Submissions - Rules and How-to

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 5, 2010, 1:31 PM

:star: Part One - How to Submit, and what we accept
:star: Part Two - Which folder to Submit your Work to

:bulletblue: Part One - How to Submit, and what we accept

-To submit art to the club, first join, and then click the "contribute art" button on the front page.

- It can take up to a day for your picture to be accepted.

-YOU MUST add your work to the correct folder! If you don't know which folder to submit to, go into the folder and you'll see a description to the left side. If you're still confused, send us a note. :)

-Only one submission per member per week since your last submission to our gallery.

-We accept any skill level! From "Novice" to "Intermediate" to "Expert". We love you all, and want to see your art! (For more info on why we accept every skill level, look here:… )

-We DO NOT accept are fetish pictures - things like bloated up females, bondage, or anything blatantly sexual. This is a DISNEY club. If you want your pornography fix, there are plenty of sites on the web, but not here.

- This group is for everyone, so keep your pictures rated G. No nudity, and keep images with blood to a minimum.

-No original characters. (Unless they're accompanied by canon ones)

-No original characters dressed up as Disney characters, either. This is a Disney group, so we wanna see artwork that actually features Disney characters.

-We do not accept fan "pairings". So things like AladdinxCinderella, HerculesxPrince Naveen are out of the picture.

-Although we usually don't accept fan pairings, the admins will occasionally make exceptions. The only exceptions really being: If the characters never got together with anyone else canonically in the movie/show, then we might accept. Example: Dr. Facilier and your fan character girl would most likely be okay. Or, something like Hook and Cruella we wouldn't mind.

- REAL pairings like AladdinxJasmine, HerculesxMeg are perfectly fine. :)

- We don't accept incest pictures. Just no.

-We do not accept works made from official images. Sorry. All the art here has to be made yourself. If you submit anything that's made from official Disney artwork/renders, you should know that you're going against DA's rules:… . Don't be surprised if your work gets removed.

-We do not accept movies from other companies like FOX or Dreamworks. So, quit asking! XD
If you're not sure which movies are Disney, just look at the list!:…

-If you want a place to submit Don Bluth movie artwork, go here: bluthclub

-If you want a place to submit Studio Ghibli movie artwork, go here: Ghibli-Fan

-We also allow Touchstone pictures, because they're a division of Disney. BUT, so that we don't go overboard, we're only allowing family pictures from them. Like, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

-We are not accepting Marvel images at this time.

- We are not accepting ABC images at this time.

- We are not accepting Lucasfilm images at this time.

-Some people have been wondering about our rules on Kingdom Hearts. Here it is: You can have us post your art, but it MUST have some of the Disney characters sharing the spot-light. In other words, you can't just have Sora in the foreground and then have goofy as a speck way in the back. However, if you picture Sora at say, Disneyland, then we will accept it as it has some Disney paraphernalia included.

:bulletblue: Part Two - Which folder to Submit your Work to

Confused by our gallery folders? Well! This is how it works!:
In our gallery, you submit to where your particular fanart belongs. If you've done a fanart for a TV show, you submit to our "TV Shows" folder. If you've done a fanart for a traditionally animated Disney movie, you submit to "animated movies - 2d". Simple as that!

But for those of you who are still confused, here is the rundown of our gallery folders:

:bulletyellow: Magical Artwork

This folder cannot be submitted to by members. This is a folder where only the admins can decide what goes in. If you're lucky enough, your art might just appear here!

:bulletyellow: Magical Costume Players

This folder is also off limits to members. Only the admins can decide which costumes are well made enough to get into this folder. If you're lucky enough, your costume might just appear in this folder!

:bulletyellow: Animated Movies - 2d

A folder for fanart of Disney's traditionally animated movies. Examples of fanart that should appear here: The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Pinocchio, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast etc.

:bulletyellow: Animated Movies - 3d

A folder for fanart of Disney's computer-graphic movies. Examples of fanart that should appear here: Monsters INC, Bolt, Tangled, The Incredibles, Wall-E, Cars, Meet the Robinsons etc.

:bulletyellow: Stop Motion

A folder for fanart of Disney's stop-motion movies/shorts. Examples of fanart that should appear in this folder: The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach etc.

:bulletyellow: Live Action Movies

A folder for fanart of Disney's Live Action Movies. Examples of the fanart that should appear in this folder: Swiss Family Robinson, Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron, Enchanted, Who Framed Roger Rabbit etc.

:bulletyellow: Shorts

A folder for fanart of Disney's Short-Subject Animation. Examples of what fanart should appear here: Mickey Mouse Cartoons, Susie the Little blue Coupe, Night and Day, Presto!, Donald Duck Cartoons, etc.

:bulletyellow: TV Shows

A folder for fanart of Disney's TV Shows. Examples of fanart that should appear in this folder: Darkwing Duck, Phineas and Ferb, Bonkers, Gargoyles, etc.

:bulletyellow: Theme Parks and Other Attractions

A folder for fanart or photos of Disney theme parks. Examples of what should go in this folder: Photos of Disneyland, drawings of Tomorrowland, photos of costume players at a park, etc.

:bulletyellow: Original Movies Created for Contests

This folder is off-limits to submissions from members. Only after one of our "creativity" contests is over will art appear in this folder. Otherwise, original creations are not allowed in our group.

:bulletyellow: Comics and Books

A folder for fanart of Disney Comics and Books. This folder is NOT for strips you created for animated movies. This folder is for fanart of actual published Disney books or comics. Examples of what should go in this folder: W.I.T.C.H. characters, Mickey Mouse Comics characters, etc.
We also accept Disney characters as Marvel characters in this folder. People seem to be into that. Hehe.

:bulletyellow: Video Games

A folder for fanart of Disney video games. Examples of fanart that should appear in this folder: Kingdom Hearts (be sure to read rules on KH in Part One of this section), Epic Mickey, etc.

:bulletyellow: DeviantART Stamps

All devianART stamps should be submitted to this folder.

:bulletyellow: Walt Disney and Misc.

Fanart that doesn't belong in any of our other folders. Examples of fanart that should be submitted here: Walt Disney himself, Disney Animators, Logos, etc.

:bulletyellow: What if my artwork belongs in more than one folder?

If you have a crossover picture, say something that belongs in both "Animated Movies - 2d", AND "Animated Movies - 3d", then simply choose one of the folders and submit it. The admins will manually copy it into the other folder of you.

Example: You have a picture that has both Ariel and Rapunzel. Simply submit it to "animated movies - 2d", and the admins will accept it, and then copy it into "animated movies - 3d" for you. No sweat!

The next victim of Kuzco's llama Weekends has been chosen! ( shinywoof

67 deviants said GIVE LLAMA:… (Remember: you MUST give them one if you want to be eligible to be chosen for next Weekend!)

Are you using your Disney rewards codes?

If not, us co-founders could really use them! We're trying to save up for something awesome, but it takes points upon points to be able to afford anything cool. :lol:

I will give you a free sketch for any movie code (US citizens only)! Just note me, Zimeta tell me your code that you're not using (can be found inside most DVDs/Blu-Rays on a sheet of paper. The code will look something like: DCK7KFXTHP9) and I'll sketch anything with one character. :heart:

Thanks a bunch!

Examples of finished work:

Three Monsters by Zimeta A Princess and some Fairies by Zimeta Artemis and Apollo by Zimeta Milo Thatch by Zimeta Sark by Zimeta A Girl and Moulin Rouge by Zimeta Puss and Humpty by Zimeta

Some Disney Stamps!

Chosen Randomly From our Group's Stamps Gallery!

Bambi stamp by AutumnDeer King of Pridelands by Pouasson-de-oro
TRON: LEGACY - Light Cycles by azianwolfdoll Cat from outer space stamp2 by queenmoreta
Love Bug Stamp by ZimetaPrince of Persia movie 7 by Tusiacroft
Andreas Deja stamp by ParsleyDenize Stitch stamp by tessary
Game Ove- wha? - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa Snow White Stamp by DragonKimono
Stamp - Disney - 3 Caballeros by Vegeta-Holic Guy Williams Zorro Stamp by boredx2
Manly Men have a Favorite Princess by Zimeta Disney Stamp by poserfan
Stamp: Disney's Hercules by Tee-J Disney Up Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion
John Carter - STAMP by TheDarkOfNight-D Epic Mickey by azianwolfdoll

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